Convenience Store Shelving

Convenience Store Shelving

Picking the correct gondola shelving for your C-store can be very time consuming and costly. There are many options to choose from whether it be color, height, material, finish, style, etc. Typically, store owners use the straight gondolas with either an end frame or end cap at the end. They are often less expensive than curved gondolas, require less floor planning, and are easier to install. convenience store shelving

Choosing the correct color can also prove a challenge. When determining the color of your shelves, think about branding and matching to rest of your store’s theme. Many of the bigger c-store chains have their shelving custom painted to match their brands or logos. This will help translate to customer loyalty as the stores will feel more familiar universally. If you are an independent store owner and do not plan on starting a chain, your best bet is probably a color that the shelving supplier carries in stock.

Believe it or not, the most challenging issue with selecting shelving is deciding on the accessories. By accessories, I am talking about all of the little things that go into making a gondola complete, such as wire shelves vs. flat shelves, top trim, labels, peg hooks, etc. Though this is largely dependent on the store owner’s preference, here are some things to keep in mind when filling out your gondola frame.

  • Peg hooks are typically best for impulse items and hanging merchandise.
  • Flat shelves will keep smaller merchandise from falling.
  • Wire shelves are more transparent and more economical.
  • Make sure price ticket rails and inserts fit on the shelves you purchased. It is best to order your PTR’s from the same supplier of your shelves.
  • Back panels. Go with all metal back panels. They last much longer and you won’t have to worry about spills.

The length of the gondola runs should depend on the overall size of your store. Gondolas usually come in 30″, 3′, 4′, so you can lay your run out to within 6″ of your permitted space. Remember, that the aisles should be visible from the sales counter so that store attendants can keep an eye on merchandise. Many times, store owners will place the gondolas in diagonal positions for this reason.


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