Madix Gondola Shelving

Madix Gondola Shelving is an industry-standard that is compatible with many domestic shelving systems, giving you the option of buying Madix shelves on a quick ship basis for your existing domestic shelving systems. It also allows you to order new Madix gondolas from SHOPCO while using existing shelves from your current inventory.

Madix store fixtures are manufactured in a highly automated facility with the most modern technology to create store fixtures that are as cost-efficient as they are functional.  Uprights are engineered of heavy gauge steel with a one-inch slot pattern for adjustability and conformity to many other manufacturer’s shelves, as well as vendor racks.

The five-inch high foot is designed for ease of installation and structural integrity with levelers for use on all types of floors. The high-density hardboard back panels fit flush with the front of the upright and are available in two colors (in stock in Black and Sahara). Madix Gondolas and wall units are stocked in 3-ft and 4-ft lengths, 48-in, 54-in, 60-in, 72-in, 84-in, and 96-in heights, with base decks from 12-in, 14-in,16-in, 18-in, and 24-in depths. Installation and assembly of Madix Gondolas or Wall Shelving in your store are easy. For assembly instructions, Click Here.

SHOPCO was chosen by Madix to be one of only a select few to be a master distributor of Madix products Nationally!

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