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Metal Food Service Cabinets

SHOPCO offers a full line of all-metal cabinets with options such as: prep, low prep, beverage, condiment, waste, and microwave units; stocked in white, beige, and black.
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4D Upright Sales Counter

Like an “erector set”, SHOPCO 4D Upright Sales Counters are made of standard components that can be assembled in different ways to create a customized solution for all retail merchandising needs.
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Shop-Flex Metal Cabinets

The next generation of cabinets designed with the durability of steel, combined with the economy and versatility of smooth, mini-slat or wood fronts with customized countertops.
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Madix Gondola Shelving

Madix shelving is an industry standard that is compatible with many domestic shelving systems, giving you the option of buying Madix shelves on a quick ship basis for your existing domestic shelving systems.
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Euro Gondola Shelving

SHOPCO’s all-metal Euro Gondola Shelving Systems come in a variety of lengths, depths and heights to meet all your merchandising needs. SHOPCO shelves are perfect for Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and other retail applications. The system is stocked in white, beige, and black.
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Tobacco Fixtures

Introducing the latest innovation for Tobacco Fixtures from SHOPCO U.S.A. This patent-pending design is available in Standard Height (84”) and Low Profile (58”) to meet your stores’ needs.  Standard set-ups are available or build your own configuration.

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